Not All Beings of Light Are Human


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His Halo

The title of this post pretty much says it all.  Not all beings of light are human.  They can be other species as well. They don’t even have to be mammalian.

Take my horse Pagan, for instance. I always knew, from the moment I first dreamt of him, to the moment I first met him in flesh, to today, twenty years later, that he was a special being. A creature made of light and love, here to help myself and others on their journeys. I’ve been extraordinarily blessed to be his steward and partner in this lifetime.

Pagan attracts light. And by that I mean that light is attracted to him.  This is not a euphemism or some sort of spiritual metaphor. This is a true statement.  The following photos will show you, far better than any words I could dream up, what exactly I mean.

Take a look around you at the creatures that you encounter or share your life with. You’ll probably find that you share your world with some pretty special beings as well. They are beings of light, lightbringers, evolved spirits, here to help us learn and grow. Cherish them, love them, be proud to be their steward, or just their friend.

The following photos are completely unretouched. No filters or photoshop was used whatsoever. Notice the bits of light that surround him or gather on him.  These are just a small sampling of the amount of photos I have of this horse with light gathering on him.


His Halo


Relections from the Christmas lights


See the blaze of light streaking across my eye towards him?


Liuttle reflections of light on his face

Aborted Attempt


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Ok, everyone, I just want to let you know that I started a blog post about something ( else) tonight twice. Both times something happened to my computer and the blog, which was almost finished, was erased and disbursed into the ether unsaved.

I know when to listen to a sign from the universe and am going to no longer blog about that subject.  Leave it to say that it had something to do with some self reflection and discovery about this thing I do and how lonely it can sometimes be.

We’ll leave it at that, sorry to be so vague but I also didn’t want to not post some sort of blog after not having blogged for a while.  Here I sat all logged into my blog account and a blank page ( for the third time) in front of me. Something must be posted, so here you are.

See you soon…

Un-killer Whales


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If you’ve followed this blog for a while you already know I have a connection with Orcas. I dream of them often and they are symbol to me of My Frenchman. The connection is so strong that a psychic I am acquainted with texted me to tell me she’d gotten a message she felt compelled to give me. The message was about Orcas being reincarnated souls and it was intended just for me. She didn’t know me well enough to know about my orca bond so wondered if it meant anything to me. Of course it did.
I had another orca dream a few days ago. In it a large number of Orcas were swimming in sometime that felt like an ocean but looked like a pool, which was one of those odd inconsistencies one gets in dreams. I was standing on the land edge of this ocean/pool watching when a small toddler boy with blonde hair fell into the water just in front of the Orcas. No one tried to help him. No one. I seemed to be the only one who really even noticed. I waited for the boy to resurface. I could see him floating just under the water because the water was a clear icy blue. He didn’t come up, wasn’t even struggling and the Orcas were just floating there watching.They weren’t bothering him or threatening him. Just watching.
I finally decided that knowing that Orcas have never attacked a human in the wild that I had to risk it and save the boy. As I was starting my jump into the water, no more than a few feet in front of the noses of several dozen killer whales, I woke up.
The dream stayed with me so last night I did some digging.
Here’s what I found:



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A woman came into my store yesterday. I ran through my usual spiel about what was on sale, what sort of incentives were on, etc…and left her to wander about looking for that certain something she just had to have.  About five minutes later she walks up to me at my counter and says, “Umm, this is going to sound weird, I know, but, do you have trouble sleeping?”

Well, I do, in fact, have trouble sleeping. Its one of my biggest complaints. I’m a classic insomniac, awake for hours long after everyone else has been in snooze land. And a super light sleeper too when I do finally manage to nod off (In fact, my light sleeping saved my families’ lives one night when our house caught on fire, but that’s an entirely different story).  But I wasn’t entirely sure where this inquiry was going so I said simply, “Sometimes, yes.”

She nodded and continued, “I know it’s an odd questions, but well, I”m a psychic and sometimes I see things even when I’m not trying and well, there was this energy, this vibe, this spirit or something around you.  It keeps you awake. Something was telling me–oh, it’s not a bad energy or anything!–something was telling me to ask you if you had trouble sleeping and to tell you about this energy around you. It keeps you awake, this presence, it doesn’t let you sleep. I do this sometimes professionally, but this isn’t…I’m not trying to get anything from you. I just wanted to tell you because something was telling me to tell you. I’m sorry if I sound weird.”

And on she went. All the time trying to convince me she wasn’t a total nutcase.  I didn’t know what to say, because of course I know all about the energies and spirits around me that keep me awake, and at any rate there were other customers in my store so I couldn’t really say too much, so I just sort of let her go on until I finally figured out what to do to help put her at ease because heavens knows I know what its like to be thought of as a nutcase.  I smiled, held up a finger and leaned in towards her ear.  I whispered, “I’m a medium.”  then stood back and smiled again with a slight nod. Because even though I’m not sure “medium” is exactly what I truly am, it was the easiest way to get my message across.

“Oh!” she said, “Then you get it!”

“Yes, I very much get it,” I replied.

“Oh great, well that explains everything then,” she said.


With that we smiled again at each other, she finished up her shopping and off she went.  I wish I’d asked her to come back another day when it wasn’t so busy and we could talk.


Small Answers


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I’ve mentioned a house before, near my own, that I’ve felt a presence at for as long a I’ve lived in that neighborhood. I’ve never been able to get any details or specific information whatsoever about that presence, just that it was there. Makes my stomach flip flop most times I drive past it which is almost every day since it’s on my way home from the barn where I keep my horses. And there is one window, the one on the far right which looks like it’s probably a bedroom that particularly draws my attention.

The other night I was awakened at about 1:00 a.m. by something calling me.  I wasn’t sure what right away so I waited quietly in my bed till I got a very strong sensation of that house.  I got up, grabbed a long coat and my Ugg boots and left the house, hoping not to wake my family ( I was successful at that, by the way, not even the dogs woke up and my husband had no idea I’d left when I told him the next day).

I walked through the neighborhood in the dark until I reached the house. All was quiet but I knew I was where I needed to be. So I got out my trusty cell phone and took some pics of the dark house–and a couple of the houses on either side, just in case. Nothing.  Absolutely nothing in any of the pictures except the houses and trees and bushes. Boring.  But I still felt strongly that I needed to be there.

So I sat on the curb in the shadow of a tree to hide my presence a little bit in case someone should happen to be up and looking out.  After all, the last thing I need is someone calling a cop or ambulance to report the odd woman sitting half conscious on the curb in the middle of the night. How would I explain it? I mean really? “No officer, just talking to a ghost, it’s all good.”  So there I sat, and I calmed myself down, quieted my mind, closed my eyes and waited.  Sure enough, after a few moments my stomach started its roll and I started to feel a tightness in my chest, a great struggle to breathe, a sharp pain across the ribs.  But it wasn’t my pain.  I stayed with the sensation, trying to get more information. Sadly, not much more than that came to me.  As it started to recede I let it know I had heard it, then stood, turned around and snapped the below picture.  There is my spirit, heading back towards its bedroom…the one on the far right.


Be Careful What You Wish For


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Recently I was contacted by someone who lost a family member just a few days prior.  They wished me to try to connect with their loved one in order to know they’d found peace.  This, in itself, is not an unusual request. In fact, its the number one request I get. What made this situation different were the circumstances. They were at best tragic, and at worst almost too difficult to contemplate.

This post is one of the few where I did not ask permission to post it before writing as I don’t want to disturb her grief at this particular time. Thus, I wont be posting very much regarding the details of this particular case. Its not about her story anyway. Its about being careful what you ask for or wish for when walking In Between.  What happened in this case is that I was able to make a connection, and what I got was so right on the money that it gave my seeker goosebumps. It also was not pleasant ( even for me) and it had the potential, if I kept going, to be disturbing. Ultimately, at my suggestion, the Seeker decided to wait before having me continue in any attempts until her grief was less fresh. It was the right choice.

Sometimes, in the throes of our grieving, we want so badly to help ease the pain by connecting with our loved one right away. If we can just know they are ok, if we can just tell them we love them one more time, if we can just hear them tell us the same just…one…more…time…we can go on.  But what happens when we find they maybe are not at peace, that they cant hear us, that their spirit is so wrapped up in its own journey right now that its not capable of giving us that final blessing?  It can be devastating.  So much can depend on what happened in life. If a person was not at ease at the end, chances are fairly good they might have some unresolved issues to deal with afterwards before they truly are at peace. Not always, sometimes, what happens to a soul in the instant it is released can be enough to show it what lays beyond is worth giving up all hold on this earthly life. But other times one has a hard time letting go.  And that can also be true of those of us who lived a perfectly quiet life…those souls just don’t want to let go.

So before you contact someone like me or another medium, psychic, clairvoyant, whathaveyou, think long and hard. Are you going to be okay if the answers you get are not what you were hoping for? Or are you merely looking for someone to tell you that everything is going to be allright and you will survive this grief? Because someone with ethics will always tell the truth, though hopefully they’ll do so in as soft and respectful a manner as possible.  Even if that truth is not pleasant. Is that what you want? Can you handle it? Will you be ok if you find out that your efforts at contact might actually be causing your deceased loved one stress?  Or do you just want to feel better?  There is no right or wrong answer, everyone grieves in their own ways and has to get through the In Between in their own time and finding their own pathways.  Just realize that contacting those that have gone on may not be exactly the right answer for you. Or for your deceased loved one.

Consider all the possibilities…make your decision from there. And if you decide to move forward, then I’ll be here happy to help.



It’s His Birthday Today.

Today is his birthday.  I wont say how old he would have been because there are conflicting notions of exactly what year he was born.  The internet claims it was one year, but I know it was actually another year, so I will leave it alone. Suffice it to say he was a handful of years older than I.

Obviously he’s been on my mind of late, so I called him a few weeks ago.  He more often than not comes to me when I call.  There was a period of time last Autumn when I was, for some unremembered reason, feeling less secure in my connection than usual, and I was calling him a lot.  He steadfastly made his presence known, either in a dream, or a vision, or “our” song would play in some random place where it had no business playing ( Elvis in Forever 21 is really not normal, you know). But bless his heart, he sent me a very clear message one evening reminding me to keep my feet firmly planted in this world too.  So after that I vowed to stop pestering him and focus a little more on the great guy I am actually married to and who never ever gets jealous of this deceased ex-boyfriend of mine who seems to have become my Guardian Angel.

But this month I felt justified in reaching out again. It’s our shared astrological sign, something we had connected strongly over in our Summer together. Its his birthday month. It’s many, many things that all warranted reaching out to say hello.

So lying there in bed one night I sent out the call, stretched my spirit outwards, felt the veils parting and called his name.  But nothing came back. It was quiet and still. That’s okay, it happens sometimes that nothing is there to come through. I didn’t take it badly, but I kept the veils open and waited, still calling.

And then, just as I was feeling myself drift away from the veils and closer to maybe falling asleep, directly into my left ear came his voice, clear as a Spring sky, loudly enough to make me sit up and look around though of course I knew he wasn’t physically there. With his accent, and the intonation he used only for me and the way he accented the second syllable when everyone in the world accents the first:


Your Feedback Needed Please. The In Between Or HereInBetween

I need your opinions. I might have found a way to get back our lovely old domain name of but without the cost I incurred and also without getting hit with the ton of spam registrations I ended up getting using a site.

It would, of course, require all the work of moving everything over again, but I’m okay with that if it means we feel more at home and that the folks we may have …errmmm..mis-placed..during the transition can find us again since it would be the old URL.    It would also be a much simpler URL for all of you to remember since it would get rid of the tag, etc…(And on a purely selfish level it would mean my In Between bizz cards would be relevant again too, yay! I hate waste)

Before I delve too much more deeply into whether this other option would work I was hoping for your opinions on whether or not you’d like to go back to our old familiar domain name, or if you feel comfortable here.  I would very much appreciate your feedback.


Ghost in the Machine


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My parents recently moved to Menifee, CA. I’ve only been there twice, and the second time was just a couple of weeks ago.  Because I’ve not been there often, I still needed my cell’s GPS to give me directions.  I left late, around 10:00 p.m. after my work day was over. My eight year old daughter Antonia went with me, and she soon fell fast asleep in the back seat.

So it was that I was toodling along the freeway, quietly thinking to myself as I approached the outskirts of Riverside that I was awfully close to The Mission Inn in Riverside itself, which is where my husband and I had been married thirteen years ago. This got me contemplating how a side trip on the way back home the next day to show Antonia the place her daddy and mommy got hitched might be nice. Which in its turn got me wondering exactly what exit off of the freeway I would need to get off on and then where exactly would I go. It had, after all, been a long time since I’d last been there and my memory of the exact route was a little hazy.

As I was thinking this the voice from my cell phone’s GPS broke into my thoughts, “Take the Market Street Exit, turn right and go one mile, then turn left.”

I jumped out of my skin!

Then scrambled thinking I’d missed the turn off for my parents house, even though I KNEW it was still 45 minutes away.

Then it slowly dawned on me that what I had heard were the directions to The Mission Inn.  My GPS had answered my question, even though it was programmed for an address in a city 30-40 miles away.

As this became clear to me, the voice piped up again, this time telling me to stay to the left in two miles to merge onto the I-215. These were the correct directions to my parents’ house. Whatever had possessed my cell phone for a moment had released it and we were back on track.

The next afternoon, on our way back to Los Angeles, Antonia and I stopped at the Mission Inn and spent an hour wandering the beautiful halls and courtyards. It was a special little treat for our Girls Day together.

Thanks Mr. or Ms. Ghost, whoever you are….

Part of the Family


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Not long ago “Julie” contacted me regarding the loss of her Father. He had passed a while before this and she was feeling lost about it and also had this niggling sensation that he was trying to get a message to her somehow.  I told her I’d do my best to see what I could come up with.  

I got a very clear image of what appeared to me to be a solarium, sunny covered porch or mudroom and also something that looked like a fuzzy pickle ( don’t laugh, I know its funny, but that’s what I saw).  I also got this feeling of loss and sadness and loneliness.  When I shared these with Julie she told me right away that in her house is a room they call the Mudroom, though its more of an enclosed sunroom. They’ve turned it into the “dog” room, full of fuzzy dog toys ( hence the fuzzy pickle–it was a bone shaped toy), and lots of comfie dog beds.

It turns out Julie’s father had a dog, “Magpie”.  Magpie came to live with Julie’s family after her father passed away.  Julie had been putting Magpie in the dog room when she went to work or otherwise left the house each day.  I suggested to her that Magpie was unhappy and that the msg that she’d been feeling like someone was trying to get across to her was that Magpie needed to be left free to roam the house.  After all, while Julie had lost her father, poor little Magpie had lost her person, and her home and had her entire world turned upside down.  She was probably not used to being confined during the day and thought she was being punished but for what she didn’t know.   This all made sense to Julie and she agreed to try to leave Magpie loose in the house. 

She let me know a day or so later that it had worked splendidly and that Magpie seemed to be in much better spirits and more content. I was pleased.  But Julie said she still had this feeling like there was something else she was supposed to know.  I agreed to try again but this time do something I don’t do a lot of, connecting with a living being…I was going to try to connect directly with Magpie.  I did and I only saw one thing;what looked like a deer or horse skull hanging on a wall.  That was it.   Julie had no clue what it could be, there was nothing in her home or nearby like that.   I mentioned that maybe it was something her father and Magpie had seen out and about somewhere and that she should think like Magpie to try to work it out.

A while later Julie contacted me again.  She had gone on vacation for a couple of weeks and left Magpie with a man who used to watch her for Julie’s father.  As she drove up to this gentleman’s house she saw a huge skull and antlers hanging on his barn.    Then she went to her father’s house and inside she saw more skulls and antlers. She had never noticed them before.  Clearly Magpie was thinking of home and the other place she knew of as a second home.   Julie was going to stay at her Father’s house with Magpie and her uncle and see if she could find some peace.  Not long after she sent me a photo of magpie surrounded by rays golden light that she had snapped. She felt it was her father’s love surrounding Magpie.

This story is a good reminder to all of us that just as we mourn our animal companions when they leave us, so too do they mourn us when we leave.  Because their life span is generally so much shorter than ours, we don’t think to be sure they will be looked after or their potential pain at our loss. They need our love and gentle comfort just as much as we need theirs during the grieving process. So be sure to provide for them in the event something happens that you are no longer there for them.  Let your chosen caretaker know how your pet is used to living, their foibles, their likes and dislikes. It will make their transition to being without you just a little bit easier.   And now…go give your pup, kitty, bunny or whatever critter you have a great big hug. You never know when it might be the last.