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Not long ago “Julie” contacted me regarding the loss of her Father. He had passed a while before this and she was feeling lost about it and also had this niggling sensation that he was trying to get a message to her somehow.  I told her I’d do my best to see what I could come up with.  

I got a very clear image of what appeared to me to be a solarium, sunny covered porch or mudroom and also something that looked like a fuzzy pickle ( don’t laugh, I know its funny, but that’s what I saw).  I also got this feeling of loss and sadness and loneliness.  When I shared these with Julie she told me right away that in her house is a room they call the Mudroom, though its more of an enclosed sunroom. They’ve turned it into the “dog” room, full of fuzzy dog toys ( hence the fuzzy pickle–it was a bone shaped toy), and lots of comfie dog beds.

It turns out Julie’s father had a dog, “Magpie”.  Magpie came to live with Julie’s family after her father passed away.  Julie had been putting Magpie in the dog room when she went to work or otherwise left the house each day.  I suggested to her that Magpie was unhappy and that the msg that she’d been feeling like someone was trying to get across to her was that Magpie needed to be left free to roam the house.  After all, while Julie had lost her father, poor little Magpie had lost her person, and her home and had her entire world turned upside down.  She was probably not used to being confined during the day and thought she was being punished but for what she didn’t know.   This all made sense to Julie and she agreed to try to leave Magpie loose in the house. 

She let me know a day or so later that it had worked splendidly and that Magpie seemed to be in much better spirits and more content. I was pleased.  But Julie said she still had this feeling like there was something else she was supposed to know.  I agreed to try again but this time do something I don’t do a lot of, connecting with a living being…I was going to try to connect directly with Magpie.  I did and I only saw one thing;what looked like a deer or horse skull hanging on a wall.  That was it.   Julie had no clue what it could be, there was nothing in her home or nearby like that.   I mentioned that maybe it was something her father and Magpie had seen out and about somewhere and that she should think like Magpie to try to work it out.

A while later Julie contacted me again.  She had gone on vacation for a couple of weeks and left Magpie with a man who used to watch her for Julie’s father.  As she drove up to this gentleman’s house she saw a huge skull and antlers hanging on his barn.    Then she went to her father’s house and inside she saw more skulls and antlers. She had never noticed them before.  Clearly Magpie was thinking of home and the other place she knew of as a second home.   Julie was going to stay at her Father’s house with Magpie and her uncle and see if she could find some peace.  Not long after she sent me a photo of magpie surrounded by rays golden light that she had snapped. She felt it was her father’s love surrounding Magpie.

This story is a good reminder to all of us that just as we mourn our animal companions when they leave us, so too do they mourn us when we leave.  Because their life span is generally so much shorter than ours, we don’t think to be sure they will be looked after or their potential pain at our loss. They need our love and gentle comfort just as much as we need theirs during the grieving process. So be sure to provide for them in the event something happens that you are no longer there for them.  Let your chosen caretaker know how your pet is used to living, their foibles, their likes and dislikes. It will make their transition to being without you just a little bit easier.   And now…go give your pup, kitty, bunny or whatever critter you have a great big hug. You never know when it might be the last.