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My parents recently moved to Menifee, CA. I’ve only been there twice, and the second time was just a couple of weeks ago.  Because I’ve not been there often, I still needed my cell’s GPS to give me directions.  I left late, around 10:00 p.m. after my work day was over. My eight year old daughter Antonia went with me, and she soon fell fast asleep in the back seat.

So it was that I was toodling along the freeway, quietly thinking to myself as I approached the outskirts of Riverside that I was awfully close to The Mission Inn in Riverside itself, which is where my husband and I had been married thirteen years ago. This got me contemplating how a side trip on the way back home the next day to show Antonia the place her daddy and mommy got hitched might be nice. Which in its turn got me wondering exactly what exit off of the freeway I would need to get off on and then where exactly would I go. It had, after all, been a long time since I’d last been there and my memory of the exact route was a little hazy.

As I was thinking this the voice from my cell phone’s GPS broke into my thoughts, “Take the Market Street Exit, turn right and go one mile, then turn left.”

I jumped out of my skin!

Then scrambled thinking I’d missed the turn off for my parents house, even though I KNEW it was still 45 minutes away.

Then it slowly dawned on me that what I had heard were the directions to The Mission Inn.  My GPS had answered my question, even though it was programmed for an address in a city 30-40 miles away.

As this became clear to me, the voice piped up again, this time telling me to stay to the left in two miles to merge onto the I-215. These were the correct directions to my parents’ house. Whatever had possessed my cell phone for a moment had released it and we were back on track.

The next afternoon, on our way back to Los Angeles, Antonia and I stopped at the Mission Inn and spent an hour wandering the beautiful halls and courtyards. It was a special little treat for our Girls Day together.

Thanks Mr. or Ms. Ghost, whoever you are….