I need your opinions. I might have found a way to get back our lovely old domain name of TheIn-Between.com but without the cost I incurred and also without getting hit with the ton of spam registrations I ended up getting using a wordpress.org site.

It would, of course, require all the work of moving everything over again, but I’m okay with that if it means we feel more at home and that the folks we may have …errmmm..mis-placed..during the transition can find us again since it would be the old URL.    It would also be a much simpler URL for all of you to remember since it would get rid of the wordpress.com tag, etc…(And on a purely selfish level it would mean my In Between bizz cards would be relevant again too, yay! I hate waste)

Before I delve too much more deeply into whether this other option would work I was hoping for your opinions on whether or not you’d like to go back to our old familiar domain name, or if you feel comfortable here.  I would very much appreciate your feedback.