Today is his birthday.  I wont say how old he would have been because there are conflicting notions of exactly what year he was born.  The internet claims it was one year, but I know it was actually another year, so I will leave it alone. Suffice it to say he was a handful of years older than I.

Obviously he’s been on my mind of late, so I called him a few weeks ago.  He more often than not comes to me when I call.  There was a period of time last Autumn when I was, for some unremembered reason, feeling less secure in my connection than usual, and I was calling him a lot.  He steadfastly made his presence known, either in a dream, or a vision, or “our” song would play in some random place where it had no business playing ( Elvis in Forever 21 is really not normal, you know). But bless his heart, he sent me a very clear message one evening reminding me to keep my feet firmly planted in this world too.  So after that I vowed to stop pestering him and focus a little more on the great guy I am actually married to and who never ever gets jealous of this deceased ex-boyfriend of mine who seems to have become my Guardian Angel.

But this month I felt justified in reaching out again. It’s our shared astrological sign, something we had connected strongly over in our Summer together. Its his birthday month. It’s many, many things that all warranted reaching out to say hello.

So lying there in bed one night I sent out the call, stretched my spirit outwards, felt the veils parting and called his name.  But nothing came back. It was quiet and still. That’s okay, it happens sometimes that nothing is there to come through. I didn’t take it badly, but I kept the veils open and waited, still calling.

And then, just as I was feeling myself drift away from the veils and closer to maybe falling asleep, directly into my left ear came his voice, clear as a Spring sky, loudly enough to make me sit up and look around though of course I knew he wasn’t physically there. With his accent, and the intonation he used only for me and the way he accented the second syllable when everyone in the world accents the first: