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Recently I was contacted by someone who lost a family member just a few days prior.  They wished me to try to connect with their loved one in order to know they’d found peace.  This, in itself, is not an unusual request. In fact, its the number one request I get. What made this situation different were the circumstances. They were at best tragic, and at worst almost too difficult to contemplate.

This post is one of the few where I did not ask permission to post it before writing as I don’t want to disturb her grief at this particular time. Thus, I wont be posting very much regarding the details of this particular case. Its not about her story anyway. Its about being careful what you ask for or wish for when walking In Between.  What happened in this case is that I was able to make a connection, and what I got was so right on the money that it gave my seeker goosebumps. It also was not pleasant ( even for me) and it had the potential, if I kept going, to be disturbing. Ultimately, at my suggestion, the Seeker decided to wait before having me continue in any attempts until her grief was less fresh. It was the right choice.

Sometimes, in the throes of our grieving, we want so badly to help ease the pain by connecting with our loved one right away. If we can just know they are ok, if we can just tell them we love them one more time, if we can just hear them tell us the same just…one…more…time…we can go on.  But what happens when we find they maybe are not at peace, that they cant hear us, that their spirit is so wrapped up in its own journey right now that its not capable of giving us that final blessing?  It can be devastating.  So much can depend on what happened in life. If a person was not at ease at the end, chances are fairly good they might have some unresolved issues to deal with afterwards before they truly are at peace. Not always, sometimes, what happens to a soul in the instant it is released can be enough to show it what lays beyond is worth giving up all hold on this earthly life. But other times one has a hard time letting go.  And that can also be true of those of us who lived a perfectly quiet life…those souls just don’t want to let go.

So before you contact someone like me or another medium, psychic, clairvoyant, whathaveyou, think long and hard. Are you going to be okay if the answers you get are not what you were hoping for? Or are you merely looking for someone to tell you that everything is going to be allright and you will survive this grief? Because someone with ethics will always tell the truth, though hopefully they’ll do so in as soft and respectful a manner as possible.  Even if that truth is not pleasant. Is that what you want? Can you handle it? Will you be ok if you find out that your efforts at contact might actually be causing your deceased loved one stress?  Or do you just want to feel better?  There is no right or wrong answer, everyone grieves in their own ways and has to get through the In Between in their own time and finding their own pathways.  Just realize that contacting those that have gone on may not be exactly the right answer for you. Or for your deceased loved one.

Consider all the possibilities…make your decision from there. And if you decide to move forward, then I’ll be here happy to help.