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A woman came into my store yesterday. I ran through my usual spiel about what was on sale, what sort of incentives were on, etc…and left her to wander about looking for that certain something she just had to have.  About five minutes later she walks up to me at my counter and says, “Umm, this is going to sound weird, I know, but, do you have trouble sleeping?”

Well, I do, in fact, have trouble sleeping. Its one of my biggest complaints. I’m a classic insomniac, awake for hours long after everyone else has been in snooze land. And a super light sleeper too when I do finally manage to nod off (In fact, my light sleeping saved my families’ lives one night when our house caught on fire, but that’s an entirely different story).  But I wasn’t entirely sure where this inquiry was going so I said simply, “Sometimes, yes.”

She nodded and continued, “I know it’s an odd questions, but well, I”m a psychic and sometimes I see things even when I’m not trying and well, there was this energy, this vibe, this spirit or something around you.  It keeps you awake. Something was telling me–oh, it’s not a bad energy or anything!–something was telling me to ask you if you had trouble sleeping and to tell you about this energy around you. It keeps you awake, this presence, it doesn’t let you sleep. I do this sometimes professionally, but this isn’t…I’m not trying to get anything from you. I just wanted to tell you because something was telling me to tell you. I’m sorry if I sound weird.”

And on she went. All the time trying to convince me she wasn’t a total nutcase.  I didn’t know what to say, because of course I know all about the energies and spirits around me that keep me awake, and at any rate there were other customers in my store so I couldn’t really say too much, so I just sort of let her go on until I finally figured out what to do to help put her at ease because heavens knows I know what its like to be thought of as a nutcase.  I smiled, held up a finger and leaned in towards her ear.  I whispered, “I’m a medium.”  then stood back and smiled again with a slight nod. Because even though I’m not sure “medium” is exactly what I truly am, it was the easiest way to get my message across.

“Oh!” she said, “Then you get it!”

“Yes, I very much get it,” I replied.

“Oh great, well that explains everything then,” she said.


With that we smiled again at each other, she finished up her shopping and off she went.  I wish I’d asked her to come back another day when it wasn’t so busy and we could talk.