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If you’ve followed this blog for a while you already know I have a connection with Orcas. I dream of them often and they are symbol to me of My Frenchman. The connection is so strong that a psychic I am acquainted with texted me to tell me she’d gotten a message she felt compelled to give me. The message was about Orcas being reincarnated souls and it was intended just for me. She didn’t know me well enough to know about my orca bond so wondered if it meant anything to me. Of course it did.
I had another orca dream a few days ago. In it a large number of Orcas were swimming in sometime that felt like an ocean but looked like a pool, which was one of those odd inconsistencies one gets in dreams. I was standing on the land edge of this ocean/pool watching when a small toddler boy with blonde hair fell into the water just in front of the Orcas. No one tried to help him. No one. I seemed to be the only one who really even noticed. I waited for the boy to resurface. I could see him floating just under the water because the water was a clear icy blue. He didn’t come up, wasn’t even struggling and the Orcas were just floating there watching.They weren’t bothering him or threatening him. Just watching.
I finally decided that knowing that Orcas have never attacked a human in the wild that I had to risk it and save the boy. As I was starting my jump into the water, no more than a few feet in front of the noses of several dozen killer whales, I woke up.
The dream stayed with me so last night I did some digging.
Here’s what I found: