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His Halo

The title of this post pretty much says it all.  Not all beings of light are human.  They can be other species as well. They don’t even have to be mammalian.

Take my horse Pagan, for instance. I always knew, from the moment I first dreamt of him, to the moment I first met him in flesh, to today, twenty years later, that he was a special being. A creature made of light and love, here to help myself and others on their journeys. I’ve been extraordinarily blessed to be his steward and partner in this lifetime.

Pagan attracts light. And by that I mean that light is attracted to him.  This is not a euphemism or some sort of spiritual metaphor. This is a true statement.  The following photos will show you, far better than any words I could dream up, what exactly I mean.

Take a look around you at the creatures that you encounter or share your life with. You’ll probably find that you share your world with some pretty special beings as well. They are beings of light, lightbringers, evolved spirits, here to help us learn and grow. Cherish them, love them, be proud to be their steward, or just their friend.

The following photos are completely unretouched. No filters or photoshop was used whatsoever. Notice the bits of light that surround him or gather on him.  These are just a small sampling of the amount of photos I have of this horse with light gathering on him.


His Halo


Relections from the Christmas lights


See the blaze of light streaking across my eye towards him?


Liuttle reflections of light on his face