Passing It On

One way to help cope with grief or to show gratitude for special experiences is to honor your loved one by helping someone else. We all know about volunteering at homeless shelters, hospitals and the like. Here are some simple other ways to help yourself feel good by making someone else’s life a little brighter.

•Collect old books and magazines and those of your neighbors and friends and donate them to chemotherapy or dialysis centers. For those folks having to sit for hours hooked up to tubes, etc…something to read can provide a welcome distraction. (From Mary Long, San Diego, CA)
•Spend a few hours at an animal shelter, petting the animals, maybe walking the dogs or feeding newborns. Our four-legged friends need compassion too and its proven that animals can help heal sadness and reduce stress. Maybe you’ll even find a new best friend.
•Donate old blankets, sheets and towels to your local veterinarian and animal shelter. Help provide a softer bed to a lonely animal or one in pain.
•The idea of planting a tree in honor of a departed loved one is not new, but how about an entire forest? Look up some reforestation projects and find out if they take volunteers. The physical work might help and you’ll be doing the ozone and us all a big favor.
What have you done to give back? Share your ideas at


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