How May I Help You?

While this website might appear to be mostly a blog and a community, it’s primary purpose is to help people.   I do think its important to share my own stories because sometimes people just need to know they are not alone in feeling or experiencing the things they do, but that’s not the only way I can and would like to help.    So I invite you please, to contact me if there is any way I can assist you.  I’m only an email away.

Some ways I’ve helped others are :

  • I’ve traveled with people to the vet, or their homes when its time to say goodbye to a beloved animal companion.  And “spoken” to the pet to help both human and animal understand the process.
  • I’ve spent time on the phone talking to people while they come to terms with making hard decisions about end of life for pets.  Or afterwards.
  • I’ve spoken on the phone with people in the midst of grief, just to be a non judgemental ear.
  • Ive carried on email correspondences to be a continuing ear for prolonged grief
  • Ive “checked out” locations, such as a potential new home, for people who’ve suspected a place is haunted.
  • I have a couch at my store for folks to come hang out at when they just can’t be alone with their grief or their confusion over a paranormal event and need a safe place to hang out.
  • I’ve helped some people connect with their passed loved ones. 
  • I’ve spent time with people on the phone and in person who are in the process of a loved one’s terminal illness supporting them through this painful process.

These are just some examples of how I’ve been privileged to be of assistance to others during need, and are certainly not all I do or the only things I offer.   Do I charge for any of this?  No.  Some people have felt compelled to donate some amount and I do accept those and use it to help support my horses so I can continue to do this for free, but I dont want my ability to help to be hampered by someone else’s ability or willingness to pay me.  So please dont hesitate to get in touch if I can be of any help to you, or if you know someone who might find what I do to be of help, please feel free to pass on my information. Many have found me via word of mouth or chance encounter.   But please note: I am not a doctor or licensed grief counselor, if you or someone you know is in serious trouble and might hurt themselves or others, please please, seek professional help as fast as possible.


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